Building Our Culture

Living our Kimball International "Guiding Principles" is the ultimate way to ensure a strong employer to employee relationship. Each employee bears a special responsibility to create an internal environment of respect consistent with those ideals. Commitment by each employee helps create a working environment enjoyed by all.

Founded in small-town Indiana in 1950, our company now embraces employees from various cultures throughout the world. This diversity contributes to our strength in the markets we serve. Collectively, our workplaces share the same company culture - organizational values, beliefs and convictions - that support the long term success of Kimball International and the growth, both personal and professional, of our people.

We truly believe we are modeling - perhaps not perfectly, but sincerely - the type of business behavior that builds a culture which enables and creates success for all those important constituencies of any company: employees, customers, suppliers, partners, shareowners, and communities. We believe our focus on these culture points enables us to live our company vision: "We Build Success!"


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