A History of Sustainability

Our environmental record reflects Kimball International’s culture and our approach to simply doing what we have always considered to be our responsibility as a manufacturer.

Kimball International has a long history as an environmentally sensitive company. From our Company's inception as a wood furniture manufacturer, relying on nature's resources to create our products, the ideas of conservation and sustainability, of sensitivity toward our environment, have been deeply ingrained in our culture.

In 1970, Thomas L. Habig, who was then President of Kimball International, expressed this commitment in a newsletter address to employees, stating that "...many were aware of the problems of the environment years before it became a popular crusade of the now conscious public." He added "...and it makes us proud that we were one of those who recognized the need for improvement...and took action...We plan to our own small way, to help make our communities a better place to work and live."

This is the core of our environmental commitment. Concern for our environment and "leading by example" in the promotion of environmentally responsible business practices is something that Kimball International believes in as part of our corporate philosophies. Regardless of the fashionable changes in terminology over the past decades, Kimball International has been protecting water, air and habitat since our earliest days. Kimball International's sustainability practices include initiatives to reduce water usage, solid waste generation, VOC emissions, hazardous waste materials and Greenhouse Gases. Environmental goals are set and results measured against benchmarks.

Kimball International Social Responsibility

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