Support & Involvement

Making a difference in our many communities has long been a priority. In the last 60 years, Kimball International has donated a total nearly $13 million to various local charities and projects within its operating communities.

Maintaining responsible corporate citizenship has always been an integral part of Kimball International. Our Vision and Guiding Principles define our goals and ideals. Employees have long recognized Kimball International's community involvement. Such increased community presence through the giving of time, talents and treasure for the greater good has helped us build a reputation as an employer of choice. Employees are significantly more interested in, more engaged and more satisfied with a company that has a demonstrated commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Charitable Donations

In the last 60 years, Kimball International has donated nearly $13 million to various local charities and projects in communities where our employees live and work. Making a difference in people's lives, Kimball International and our family of brands, officially sponsors or contributes to numerous causes. The Company has also donated valuable products and resources to fundraisers and auctions, and encourages employees to participate and contribute their own time, talent or treasure to causes of their choice.

Supporting Our Employees' Communities

"We believe the greatest contribution we can make to the prosperity and quality of life of the communities in which we operate lies in being a dynamic, growing company."
— Kimball International Guiding Principles

The spirit of "giving back" has always been a part of the Kimball International philosophy. As stated in the Company's Guiding Principles, Kimball International understands that employees want to be associated with a company that cares about their communities. We also know that it is through economic profits that we achieve the economic freedom that allows and enables the Company to contribute resources that improve quality of life in all of our communities.

In December, 1951 the founder of Kimball International, Mr. Arnold F. Habig, established a company foundation for the purpose of supporting charitable causes within the communities in which Kimball International operates, or from which it draws employees.

Contributions totaled $1,731 that first year. Since that time Kimball International charitable giving has neared the $13 million mark in donations, grants and scholarships. While Kimball International officially contributes to a broad array of worthy causes, the Company also encourages its employees to participate and contribute their own time, talent or treasure to causes of their choice.

Kimball International-Habig Foundation

The Kimball International-Habig Foundation, which represents Kimball International, Inc., is funded by profit earnings of the company. In keeping with our corporate philosophy and Guiding Principles, Kimball International is committed to helping the communities in which we operate to become even better places to live.

Supporting that goal, The Kimball International-Habig Foundation focuses its funding and resources on grants to organizations and programs that most directly benefit those U.S. communities in which Kimball International has operations or facilities, or from which it draws employees.

In most of these small, rural communities, Kimball International is the major source of significant charitable contributions.

The Kimball International-Habig Foundation focuses on five categories:

To improve education for children, from preschool through high school, and for adults via continuing education and development, via programs that foster critical thinking skills, reading and comprehension, and foster technology and business interests.

Health & Human Services
To improve the human condition and help to alleviate suffering by assisting local community organizations, charities, faith-based initiatives, and social services, in their efforts for the care and protection of children and Infants, of at-risk women and families, of the elderly and infirmed, through provision of healthcare, medical and counseling services, and of basic social and support services

Civic & Community Programs
To help our local communities become better places to live, work and raise a family, via support of infrastructure improvement (fire departments, libraries), local projects promoting or supporting civic pride (revitalization, historic preservation), community celebrations and tourism events, as well as environmental protection and preservation.

Arts & Culture
To recognize the importance of the visual, written and performing arts to enhance the human spirit, by supporting opportunities to provide exposure to the arts among our youth, school systems and communities at large.

Religious Institutions
To support faith-based projects, programs and service ministry activities aimed at alleviating human suffering, improving the human condition, promoting self-worth, and instilling values, regardless of denominational affiliation.

The Kimball International-Habig Foundation is one more way in which Kimball International lives its vision, to be more than just a manufacturer, more than just an employer of choice, but to be a good corporate citizen in our communities and share the success we build.


Kimball International employees routinely give volunteer man hours, participating in publicity events, fundraisers and auctions. The Company encourages employees to become involved in civic and charitable projects.

Kimball International takes a decentralized approach to its community projects, allowing the employees and management teams of each operating unit location to decide which events or causes provide the greatest benefit to their local community. However, philosophically the Company encourages support for those programs which improve the human condition, such as health, social services and education.

Kimball International recognizes the importance of employee volunteer activity and encourages active participation. Employees are able to utilize the Company's flexible scheduling of personal vacation to allow time for volunteerism. In addition, managers have discretion to allow certain fundraising or donation collection activities to occur in the workplace.

Through the Company's internal newsletters and online intranet news, employee philanthropy and volunteer activity is recognized, successes shared and future actions encouraged.

Kimball International employees embrace our Company's corporate culture by supporting their local communities. We have built the working environments of our organization upon the foundation of our practices that come from our Vision and Guiding Principles. Through training, our employees of every location understand what is meant by our Guiding Principles, and they are able to embody those principles in their own local practices.


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