"Kimball International is dedicated to continued protecting...the health and safety of our employees and the members of the communities in which we work and live."
— From Kimball International Policy Statement

Building Success - Safely!

Providing a safe and secure workplace is a natural extension of the philosophies found in Kimball International's Guiding Principles, which start with a very powerful core value: "Our People are the Company."

We believe that all injuries can be prevented. With that value in mind, we have developed the Kimball International Safety Management System, based on proven world-class practices.

At Kimball International, Safety is a company value. Kimball International facilities and operations around the globe must not only comply with local safety regulations, but go above regulatory compliance and align to Kimball International's own internal standards and pass stringent internal assessments.

While each Kimball International facility or operation is responsible for their own safety efforts and performance, they are all linked in basing their programs and processes on the Kimball International Safety Management System, supported by a team of experts.

Kimball International's own internal multi-discipline team monitors all facilities and production processes, provides training and assistance, and tests materials for safe use in Kimball International products. In addition, a network of trained and dedicated Safety and Environment Managers provide on-site knowledge and expertise to safeguard employees and communities at every Kimball International location.

Kimball International promotes awareness and educational campaigns among employees toward the goal of eliminating exposures - or risks - that create unsafe conditions and behaviors. Safety is a value to be carried at all times, not just in the work environment. Valuing safety has a positive influence on our lifestyles and the decisions we make as individuals regarding protection of our families.

Safety is a never-ending value which Kimball International has stressed throughout the company's 60 year history, as noted in the company's mantra: "Employees first; Customers next; Safety ALWAYS!"

Kimball International's Safety Vision

Kimball International's Safety Vision is a philosophy based on our values. First, our Business value: Safety in the Workplace; and second, our Personal value: Safety in Life.

  • We strive for a zero injury environment.
  • We believe that all injuries are preventable.
  • We operate on the basis of continuous improvement.
  • We recognize Safety and Environmental Responsibility as key indicators of organizational excellence.
  • We train employees on safety and we empower employees to participate in injury prevention, to make safe choices, and to contribute towards a safer working environment.

Our goal is to create, build and establish safety into every process.

Practices & Record

When people know they will be safe on the job, and their loved ones know they are coming home safely, it provides the atmosphere for a happier, more productive employee.

Protecting employees and promoting safety has earned Kimball International a respected reputation as an Employer of Choice among its many communities.

Safety is a value to be carried at all times, not just in the workplace. Valuing safety has a positive influence on our lifestyles and the decisions we all make as individuals to protect our families.

A Record of Action and Results

Continuous improvement has driven safety improvements at Kimball International for over six decades. What may have been seen as truly pioneering actions in the 1950’s are perceived as commonplace today. Back in 1970, Kimball was one of the first woodworking companies to install dust collection systems in their facilities. Cleaner air inside our manufacturing plants meant better health for our employees. Simple changes of the past have evolved with improvements in science and technology. That concern for our people, our communities and the environment has grown along with the Company.

Kimball International is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our company, but especially those related to safety and environmental issues and concerns. Through ongoing assessments and collaboration, we seek ways to improve our facilities, operations and products, which benefit our customers, neighbors and employees.

Kimball International is no stranger to recognition for its safe working environments. The Federal Government and the State of Indiana have recognized Kimball International's safety culture by awarding the coveted OSHA "STAR" Award under its Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) to six of Kimball International’s manufacturing facilities. Kimball International was not only the first Indiana-based company to have a VPP STAR workplace, but also the first Indiana company to have two VPP STAR facilities.

Employees and management of Kimball International work together to design and implement safety and health programs outstanding enough to warrant this special recognition. This award recognizes the importance of a safety culture - a safety mentality - that supports a world-class loss prevention program.

Strong employee involvement in safety is one reason Kimball International has repeatedly been honored with various awards and recognition of our safety programs and record.

Safety in the workplace has long been a Kimball International hallmark. That is a facet of our reputation of which we are extremely proud.

Kimball International Social Responsibility

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