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Personal Growth & Development

Your opportunities for personal growth and development include training, special assignments, employee involvement/teamwork programs, and career advancement. Instead of traditional performance appraisals, our process is coaching-oriented and is focused on your accomplishments and strengths, clarifies your expectations and challenges, and provides a forum to discuss your personal and professional aspirations, all resulting in a personal development plan specific to you.

Work/Life Balance

Kimball International was built on a sense of family, at work and in life. In supporting this philosophy, we offer you some special benefits which set us apart from many other companies. The details of these benefits vary by location, but typically include events such as family picnics and employee appreciation gifts.

Our time-off practices are competitive and flexible so that your individual needs are met. In fact, flexibility is the best way to provide you the balance you need.


The elements of our benefit plans vary by location and are re-evaluated each year to ensure they remain relevant and competitive. These benefit plans provide you with choices to meet your specific needs. Also, as your employer, we are paying government taxes in order to support the various social service benefits that are available to you.

Cash Compensation

At Kimball International, cash compensation is more than a base salary or a base pay rate. We have a core value in incentive pay at all levels of the organization. Our approach to base pay plus incentives provides you an opportunity to not only meet, but exceed, market-value pay. Paid Time-Off is another key component of your total cash compensation.

Kimball Employees
Kimball Employees

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