Letter To Our Stakeholders

To Kimball International, Corporate Social Responsibility is a reflection of living our corporate guiding principles and putting into action our vision of building success.

The philosophy of “giving back” to our communities is just part of our value system. The idea of acting responsibly is ingrained in us throughout Kimball International; it is the substance of the countless actions and initiatives throughout our Company that focus on protecting our natural environment and improving the quality of life in our communities.

Over the last 60 years, Kimball International has proudly been ahead of its time in many actions we have taken to protect the safety and well-being of our employees, to improve the quality of life in our operating communities, and to promote the responsible use and preservation of our natural resources. We understand that everything we do, every action we take, has a consequence.

Because our company was established in a small town, and as it grew, expanded operations into a number of other small towns, we have always had a special understanding of what social responsibility means. Because we live and work in our same communities, it was always just as important to Kimball International as to our neighbors that we not pollute our air or water, that we treat everyone with respect, and that we try to contribute to the local quality of life.

We are very proud of our company record. We remain committed to living those guiding principles as we grow in the coming decades. Our reputation of integrity, corporate governance and a strong ethical culture were built on this commitment.

Our view, our vision, is that we are on a never ending path toward continuous improvement in all aspects of our operation and in all impacts we have on this planet and its people.

We believe that living our Company Guiding Principles is the key to our corporate social responsibility actions. Each Kimball International business unit has flexibility to execute their social responsibility and do so through grass-roots, employee-led efforts.

Although Kimball International operations are spread across the United States, our values are the same. Our people are diverse, but still embrace these universal values.

We are proud to say that Kimball International is a responsible steward of both economic and environmental resources, and because of that, our communities truly benefit from the Company’s presence, contributions and actions.

As we continue our company pursuit of continuous improvement, we will also continue to support and encourage our employees to get involved, to make a difference in the world, as we all continue to live our vision.

Bob Schneider,
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board


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