Human Rights & Labor Rights

Kimball International complies with all U.S. federal, state, local, and non-U.S. country-specific national and international laws regarding labor relations, including works councils and union representation. At this time, none of the Company's employees in the U.S. are represented by labor unions.

Kimball International is proud of its long standing record on ethical employment practices, encompassing more than the legal stipulations of human and labor rights, including our total approach to employee relations which upholds human dignity in its workforce.

Kimball International operations are covered by the Company's own labor code, made public via postings throughout our facilities. The code covers such topics as freedom of association, forced labor, child labor, and equality in employment, including nondiscrimination and equal remuneration.

Equal opportunity and nondiscrimination have specific sections in the Kimball International Employee Handbook. Equal remuneration is reviewed annually during the Equal Opportunity Compensation Analysis in the U.S. The Employee Handbook also includes a section on harassment prevention. Additionally, employees receive group training.

Kimball International believes that employees have the right to a safe workplace, and places the highest value on safety. Kimball International has a corporate Safety Policy, and a Safety Management System that each business unit or location implements to address concerns, assure best practices and manage the safety of our employees.



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