Our Vision of Health & Safety

Kimball International policies and practices are all soundly based in human compassion for safety, health, wellness and the enjoyment of life. We cannot rest on our success. We have to keep engaging ourselves in doing things the right way to avoid all injuries or incidents, and to achieving World Class Safety at every Kimball International location.

At Kimball International, we have found that the best way to meet the needs of both the business and the employee is to provide a flexible and responsive work environment. This enables us to better respect our employees' desires to balance home and work life without impacting our ability to respond to our customers' needs.

Good decisions and good choices come from good information. Kimball International employees grow from direct access to considerable educational information, including written materials in corporate and unit newsletters, the Company's internal intranet, and in various team meetings. Spouses are encouraged to take part in Kimball International's lifestyle and wellness programs.

Ongoing communications serve to continuously promote our Wellness and Safety values, linking them to our daily actions. Training programs reinforce this value culture and develop the specific skills needed to sustain it.

Tracking and reporting on awareness, understanding and progress further reinforces our focus on continuous improvement.

Valuing health, wellness and safety has a positive influence on our lifestyles and the decisions we make as individuals regarding protection of our families.

Our emphasis on Health, Wellness and Safety is vital to Kimball International's future success - and to the futures of every employee.

Kimball International Social Responsibility

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