Governance & Ethics

Based upon our Guiding Principles, Kimball International is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all its business dealings. It is an expectation of all employees that they will conduct themselves with honesty and integrity in accordance with this commitment.

We believe that our Company, through its Board of Directors, Executive Management, and Employees, reflect these Guiding Principles in the structure of the governance of our Company. We are aligned, engaged, and operating in an environment of mutual trust and respect. While ethics cannot be legislated or mandated, they are the foundation of our corporate governance practices.

With a long-term view toward the Company’s success and prosperity, Kimball International assures that a well-qualified and engaged Board of Directors, the majority of whose members are independent, is elected by the Company’s share owners to protect their interests through counsel and direction to the management of the Company.

Acceptance of Personal Responsibility

No single statement on ethics can possibly anticipate all of the ethical situations an employee may encounter. Other sources of guidance include the Environmental Compliance Statement, Health & Safety Regulations, Information Security Policy, Employee Handbook, Anti-Trust Policy, Mission & Guiding Principles, Accounting Manual, etc.

Failure regarding ethical behavior is subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge. Ultimately, all employees must be guided by a desire to do what is right and consistent with Kimball International values and guiding principles, and a strong personal sense of right and wrong. In this way, we will be the high-integrity company described in our Guiding Principles.

The Kimball International "Ethicspoint" Process

Fostering a business culture of integrity and compliance while protecting the Company’s reputation requires offering our employees a confidential and anonymous way to report conduct that may be in violation of the Kimball International ethics policy. Therefore, Kimball International implemented the “Ethicspoint” process to provide an integrated telephone and web-based anonymous hotline reporting service. “Ethicspoint” provides Kimball International employees with the means to confidently voice their concerns, and provides Kimball International management with the tools and information necessary to receive, investigate, report and analyze any and all concerns raised or issues identified.

Reporting Violations

A key to successful achievement of our ethical ideals is the willingness to communicate openly with management and request guidance in situations that may be encountered, or that are unclear. If a Kimball International employee has any questions or wishes to report a violation of this policy (including an accounting, internal control, or auditing matter), he or she may notify any supervisor or manager with whom they feel comfortable discussing the problem, to Corporate Human Resources, or directly to the General Counsel, who is the responsible compliance officer. In addition, an anonymous, confidential, third-party “hotline” reporting system has been established with a company called Ethicspoint.

Employees may access Ethicspoint (24 hours and 7 days/week) to make a report via a portal on the Company’s internal Kimball International Intranet; by linking to the Ethicspoint website on the Internet; or by dialing a toll-free telephone number.

Toll free numbers for international operations have also been established. All reports are promptly investigated and there will be no retaliation for making a report or cooperating with an investigation.

For more information see the "EthicsPoint" and Kimball International's Governance website pages.


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