Environmental Policies

Actions speak louder than words, but putting the right words to paper provides clear direction. Following decades of action, this corporate culture was formalized in 1990, when the Board of Directors of Kimball International adopted our first Corporate Environmental Policy Statement.

The Kimball International Environmental Policy Statement was revised in 2008.

Environmental Policy Statement

"Kimball International is dedicated to continued excellence, leadership and stewardship in protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees and the members of the communities in which we work and live.

"Our commitment is to exceed customer expectations and to fully comply with Federal, State and Local environmental regulations.

"Within the design and production of product, in collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we strive to eliminate pollution generated at the source, to use renewable materials and to maximize the reclamation and recycling of materials to minimize adverse impact on the environment."

Business Unit Policy

The Kimball International Corporate Environmental Policy guides all Kimball International business units and operations, regardless of location. Each Kimball International business unit has its own policy statement that is incorporated into their Environmental Management System policies, as shown below.

"Business units of Kimball International, Inc. will adhere to and observe all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, customer specifications, and other requirements that apply to our organization. The EMS Team Leader will review all pertinent changes to our business to determine how they impact the environment. We will promote continued development of best practices and expertise in environmental discipline. We will pursue pollution prevention by continuously striving to minimize the negative impact on the environment, through a process of continual improvement in our environmental performance."

Kimball International Social Responsibility

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