A Vision of Diversity & Inclusion

Kimball International values the differences that make each associate unique. The Company employs people regardless of racial, ethnic or cultural differences, with the belief that it benefits the Company. We embrace diversity as a competitive advantage in the marketplace that ultimately maximizes shareholder value.

Kimball Internatioanl embraces the cultural and ethnic diversities of our many thousands of employees.

We see it as a part of what makes us stronger and better as a company. Kimball International products and operations require a diverse workforce, with many different skill sets: craftsman to technician; designer to engineer; blue-collar shop floor to white-collar accountant or marketer. Although there may be variations in certain practices from one Kimball International location to another, Kimball International's philosophies and established policies are extremely consistent in our company culture. Kimball International is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and selecting the most qualified person without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation or status as a military veteran.

The Kimball International culture, vision and guiding principles not only fuel our success, but we believe, make us one of the nation's truly outstanding employers.

Women at Kimball International

As we state in our Company Guiding Principles, we cultivate a leadership style that embraces the attitudes of personal autonomy and empowerment; individual initiative and teamwork; employee involvement and continuous improvement.

Within Kimball International, women hold key positions in senior management, mid management, and front-line positions throughout our organization.

Women play key roles throughout Kimball International operations, leading such diverse functions as brand marketing, finance, information systems security, human resources, and legal counsel. Women will continue to grow personally and professionally along with our company.

Minorities at Kimball International

"We seek a diversified group of employees who can be committed to preserving and enhancing these values." - Kimball International Guiding Principles.

Engaging external consultants, academics and employees of different backgrounds in discussions about Kimball International’s culture and HR practices is an ongoing means to share perspectives and improve our Company.

Minorities comprise a small but growing percent of Kimball International’s domestic U.S. employee base. Based on availability of applicants within the area workforce population, our employment reflects the demographics of the local region from which we draw employees.

Kimball International’s operations have historically been located in small Midwestern communities. As the Company has grown, drawing employees from a wider geography, recruiting for specialized skill sets, we have increased outreach toward minority applicants and have sought to bring more diversity within Kimball International’s ranks.

Kimball International has sought to increase the flow of minority applicants by improving awareness and the perception of Kimball International as an employer of choice within minority communities.

Championing Diversity

Personal Effectiveness training for all leadership roles within the Kimball International corporate culture includes a number of required subjects. Diversity training is one of these requirements.

Our key leaders, front line managers and executives are required to take training courses designed to promote diversity and non-discriminatory employment practices. Diversity training has been part of this curriculum since 1996.

The "Championing Diversity" workshop goes far beyond mere tolerance, helping participants actively seek out and leverage differences in order to achieve better, sustained business results. The training addresses the importance of the need for diversity as well as recognizing individual biases so that those biases can be overcome.

What's more, Championing Diversity takes the perspective that each employee, regardless of race, gender, national origin or other demographics is unique and can make a singular, irreplaceable contribution—as long as that uniqueness is sought out and celebrated.

Kimball International Social Responsibility

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