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From Kimball's inception, the company's philosophy has focused on sharing success with its employees, providing incentives and opportunities for growth and personal success.

Kimball’s own success, as proven by its history, has been as much about the capabilities of its people as its products. Over the years, Kimball has added and dropped products, and changed markets, but maintained its workforce of experienced and committed individuals. We are dedicated to retaining our core of talent, capabilities and enthusiasm.

We are focused on offering competitive benefits that attract and retain top talent. We benchmark our compensation and benefits at least annually, utilizing various sources and trusted partners. We also compare competitively to other manufacturers and develop benefits that may vary by location but which are in keeping with best practices and offerings as well as local, governmental or legal requirements.

We are focused on offering competitive benefits that attract and retain top talent. We benchmark our compensation and benefits at least annually, utilizing various sources and trusted partners. We also compare competitively to other manufacturers and develop benefits that may vary by location but which are in keeping with best practices and offerings as well as local, governmental or legal requirements.

We have built our organizations on the foundation of our Vision and Guiding Principles. We train our leaders to understand what is meant by each Guiding Principle and they embody the principles into their practices while following specific laws, regulations and best practices.

We value what is appropriate in each of our work locations. Doing so positions us to be an employer of choice and affordable as a supplier for our customers in those markets. Our approach and practices also make us competitive and beneficial for our employees, as we localize our compensation benefits and employee relations practices across the world.

Work / Life Balance - Paid Time Off and Flexible Work Schedules

At Kimball International, Paid Time Off practices offer flexibility that benefits both the employee and the company alike. This time is provided for relaxation and to meet personal needs or obligations.

Our business units utilize a broad range of work schedule options, such as Compressed Work Weeks, Work-At-Home, Work-At-Customer-Site, or traditional Part-Time schedules. Telecommuting, which may be a blend of working onsite and offsite, is another option available to Kimball business units to use where they deem applicable. Employees are free to bring requests for alternative schedules to their supervisors for open, two-way communication and resolution.

Healthcare Plans

Kimball offers healthcare coverage to assist employees and their families in protecting their health and well-being. Kimball employees are educated in wise healthcare consumerism and exercise their authority as consumers regarding their choice of benefit coverage and where and how to spend their cash. Our healthcare plans are referred to as Flex Benefits plans, where employees have choices that best support their specific needs.

Plan options vary by work location, and not all healthcare alternatives are available in all areas of the country. However, in the United States, all Kimball plans are based on the Consumer Driven Health Plan model, with a Health Savings Account (HSA) and 100% Preventative Care coverage. In addition to the choices of plans, Kimball provides five healthcare coverage level options: employee only; employee and spouse; employee and child(ren); employee and family; and no coverage.

Kimball designs its benefits to provide employees with flexibility. Each element of our company benefits and total compensation package allows for mature, educated choices, so employees can custom-design a major part of their benefits package.

Sharing In Our Company's Success - Profit Sharing, Retirement Plans and Bonus

As stated in our Guiding Principles, at Kimball "We want employees to share in their company's success, both financially and through personal growth and fulfillment." This philosophy, put forth by our Company Founder, has influenced the development of our compensation and benefits program.

Kimball’s Compensation philosophy is focused on a “total compensation” concept which encompasses cash compensation, incentives, flexible benefits (based on employee choices), retirement, opportunities for personal development and growth, and our unique ‘sense of family’ benefits.

Compensation practices are flexible to support local requirements and differences, yet share a common guiding philosophy rooted in market value.

Perhaps the most obvious example of this is Kimball’s practice of making contributions to each employee’s 401K account, even if the employee doesn’t. Employees can contribute up to 50% of their pre-tax income into their own self-directed 401K. Employees are immediately eligible upon employment. Kimball has partnered with Vanguard, a leading financial services and investment company, to manage the program and to provide employees with financial advice.

An important distinction of Kimball’s retirement plan is that it is – and always has been – funded with actual cash contributions, does not require company stock holdings, and funds are held in a separate trust.

Another element in Kimball’s “Total Rewards” package is the profit sharing bonus plan, which provides a performance incentive to increase net income and economic profit: the more profits the company makes, the more each eligible employee earns. The plan is market-focused through distinct ‘bonus pools’.

Every Kimball employee is linked to some kind of incentive pay, either through the profit sharing, the retirement plan, or manufacturing quality and reliability incentives. These all help enable both their own and the company’s financial success.

Opportunities: Training and Personal Development

At Kimball International, our training and development programs are tailored to individual employees. A ‘one size fits all’ solution simply does not meet the needs of a diverse organization. Employees are encouraged to take responsibility of their own growth and development utilizing our performance feedback and personal development processes.

The result is an individualized training/development plan – a personal development roadmap. Managers are expected to provide opportunities, ranging from formal training, to interactive workshops, professional certifications or continued education, to challenging assignments, in order to enable continuous learning and growth.

Mentoring and peer networking are informal opportunities for employees to obtain support and guidance on professional challenges, best practices, and new ideas. These programs have been particularly valuable in acclimating people to Kimball’s culture and ‘low rules’ organization.

Kimball’s Leadership Development Model is designed to grow critical leadership skills for supervisors, managers, leaders of leaders, and executives. Values-based Workshops are required training for all levels of leadership. Other workshops are aligned specifically to the various leadership roles. In the past, those workshops focused on disciplined execution, problem solving, project planning, change management, and incentive-based compensation. These Leadership Development workshops are not restricted to current leaders – any employees can participate as set in their personal development plan.

Kimball emphasizes training and development opportunities for our employees – because our people are the company.

In addition to the Leadership Development workshops, each business unit offers learning opportunities specific to their unique markets and operations.

These training opportunities are via classes and seminars designed to develop work-related skill sets. The company advocates that employees pursue relevant professional certifications and Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) in their particular fields, and provides assistance in taking such courses that may enhance their business skills, advancement potential or productivity.

Kimball Scholarship Program

Kimball has long understood the success that can grow from creating opportunities.

A respect for the value of education has been a Kimball distinction since the Company's early days. In 1963, company founder Arnold F. Habig instituted a Kimball College Scholarship Program strictly for the children of company employees.

Since 1963, Kimball has had an impact on the lives of 367 children of company employees, helping them pursue higher education, by awarding over $3 million in college scholarships.

With a vision to provide more value and touch more employees, the program enables the Company to impact students and their families, as a means to help relieve the financial burden of initial college costs.

While there are no stipulations or requirements tied to the Kimball scholarship, many past recipients have ultimately been hired by Kimball after obtaining their degree.


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